#Commentary of Vladimir Bidyovka on scandal surrounding ‘fight against corruption’ in Ukraine

The topic of the anti-corruption struggle in Ukraine has already bored to death not only Ukrainians, but also curators of the Ukrainian politum from the United States. And it’s not just because the government is not able to create anti-corruption legislation, the problem is that in the ‘independent’, the fight is not really about corruption: ‘anti-corruptionists’ are fighting other ‘anti-corruptionists’, ...

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#Commentary of Elena Melnick on raider mayhem in Ukraine

The subject of raiding has not come out of the news in Ukraine for several years. They seize everything: market places, shops, apartments, land property and entire enterprises. The invaders are “ATO” combatants, police, deputies, ministers and even the president of Ukraine. In any event, the accusations against the latter were brought by a figure of a loud scandal around ...

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