Deputy Sergey Kondrykinsky visits mini-football competition among sportsmen with disabilities

On August 27, 2016, the Donetsk Republican Center of Adaptive Physical Culture and Sports in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism organized a competition in mini-football among sportsmen with disabilities. The event attended as a guest the deputy of People’s Council Sergey Kondrykinsky.

The parliamentarian stressed the importance of such events for people with disabilities.

“For people with limited abilities and capabilities it is important to see the care of our young state, and it is gratifying to see that this trend is growing rapidly. Especially in the field of sports we see the strength of spirit of our countrymen, who actively participate in the competition. Despite the difficult situation and military operations, they train, compete and show good results,” the deputy said.

Sergey Kondrykinsky in his commentary to the press service of the People’s Council told how he sees the role of the People’s Council’s deputies in such events.

“The role of deputies is to support such activities, people to see that they are not left alone with their problems. At such events, people with disabilities address me and my colleagues with a variety of issues in which we can provide them with real assistance. Also, by having direct contact with people, we can better understand what laws are necessary for their social protection and what must be done at our level so that the lives of our fellow citizens with disabilities was full,” the parliamentarian summed up.

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