Honourary guests from Russian Federation appear in People’s Council

On April 14, another plenary meeting was held in Donetsk, attended by honorable guests from the Russian Federation, the Сhairman of the Veterans Union of the Crimean Republic’s People’s Militia Armen Martoyan and the master of sports of the international class, the absolute world record holder in powerlifting Mariyana Naumova.

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#Official Commentary of Elena Melnik on Ukrainian Vice-Premier’s suggestion to postpone Cosmonautics Day

Ukrainian decommunization literally reached space. The Vice-Minister of the neighbouring country, Vyacheslav Kirilenko, offered Petro Poroshenko to postpone the Cosmonautics Day from April 12 to the next day. According to the Ukrainian official, the date of the holiday should coincide not with the first human space flight, but with the first ascent to orbit of the Ukrainian astronaut.

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