#Official Commentary of Evgeniy Orlov on possibility of Turkey`s exclusion from NATO

After a failed attempt of the Coup in Turkey the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan decided to clean up” his political opponents. It is mentioned in the Western Press that the Turkish Leader pursues a removal policy of out of favour persons. The democratic institutions in Turkey are not on steam, in the country a fanatic crowd is at the helm. Many European States – the NATO members find it not to their liking and they begin to bring up an issue about Turkey`s exclusion from the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Turkey`s significance for the NATO block is difficult to overestimate. In practice the alliance with Turkish territory can be useful for operating control of the all Middle East. Military operations against Iraq and Syria the NATO powers conduct exactly from Turkish territory. This is current situation. In the recent past from Turkish territory NATO could put on a bombing-missile attack against the South-European regions of the USSR. I repeat again – Turkey always was the core ingredient of NATO military structure.

In spite of that recent events made the Block Leaders, especially Europeans, start speaking about possibility of Turkey`s exclusion from NATO. Cause for that served an excessive aggressive reaction of Turkish President Erdoğan to failed Coup.

The Coup attempt, undertaken by a group of angry officers last week, may not be success, but now a new one is being carried out at full speed. It is that one. which is carried out by Erdoğan`s henchmen against opponents, who are in favour of the President`s heavy-handed rule“, a specialist on issues of defense and foreign affairs of the influential publication “The Telegraph” Kona Coughlin writes. 

It came to a point that recently seemed to be inconceivable. In nominally Kemalist Turkey, where an army was a guarantee of the secular state, this army is deprived of authority. The generals and the higher officers are detained, a fundamentalistic disposed crowd are hunting for soldiers on the streets. The persecution of the judges and the teaching staff of the higher education institutions is raised. In the country there is actually the religious governing like in Iran.

Erdoğan`s heavy-handed rule raises concerns of his European partners in NATO. For more than half a century without war the Europeans get used to act within the framework of certain democratic proceedings, which were completely curtailed.

Partly it could be explained that the Europeans have screwed up a door in the EU (in other words till 1992 – the Euromarket), where Turkey had striven for over 50 years. According to David Cameron, the previous Prime Minister of the Great Britain, in near-term prospect there is no possibility for Turkey to enter the EU. They granted an application in 1987. And at the current rate of progress they might get the moment of membership approximately to 3000, if we can believe in the last estimate”.

The events urge the President Erdoğan, who sees himself as the sultan, on reconsideration of relationships with Europe. He suspected that the West plays a double game with him. Finally Recep Tayyip Erdoğan understood that he is handled after the NATO`s formal refusal to support in an expected confrontation with Russia owing to the destruction of Russian aircraft Su-24 in Syria. The Coup attempt on 16th July 2016 put a final point in Erdoğan`s doubts as to European choice of Turkey.

The reaction to the military rebellion was instant, “the Eastern style”. Repressions have broken out and the Europeans were not pleased due to this fact. Among the Western Establishments it began to spread an opinion that Turkey should be excluded out of the NATO block. It is most likely that it was a hasty decision. As I have mentioned Turkey is very important for safety of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. And nobody will exclude it and all the more so as in direction, which Erdoğan wants now to develop – the Triple Alliance of Turkey, Russia and Iran.

I suppose that European game around Turkey and its expected exclusion out of the NATO is an attempt to make Turkey be more compliant in conflicts inside of the NATO. It is not improbable that the Coup attempt was an attempt to explain to Turks that among “equal in rights” NATO members there is one the most “equal in rights”. Firstly the USA, than the EU and only after them – Turkey. Within country they can act authoritarian, however they must keep within limits.

Erdoğan has it understood like an Eastern consummate politician. Now he should choose a political way: either it would be the old union – the USA, the NATO, the EU, or a new way – Russia, Iran and in general Eurasia. Though Turkey could withdraw and build an own separate “the Ottoman World”. I doubt that Turkey could do it and it means that we will be witnesses of new interesting political battles in the outgoing unidirectional world.

Evgeniy Orlov, the DPR People`s Council deputy

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