A new stage in youth policy implementation: Vladimir Bidyovka acquainted with Youth Parliament development strategy

On March 17, DPR People’s Council Chairman Vladimir Bidyovka, representatives of the ministries’ committees, higher educational institutions of the Republic and public associations participated in a regular plenary meeting of the Youth Parliament, which took place in the Government House.

Addressing the Youth Parliament deputies, Vladimir Bidyovka dwelled on the achievements of relevant committees in various fields and the strengthening of efforts relating directly to youth policy.

“From the moment of its establishment, the Youth Parliament has proved itself not only as an effective advisory body, but also as an organization of young people who are fully engrossed in the public and political life of society. Young parliamentarians make a significant contribution to work with the youth, are engaged in its patriotic education and preservation of historical memory; together with deputies of the People’s Council, they attend to the most socially vulnerable categories of citizens. However, their main activity, of course, is focused on developing proposals for improving the legal framework of our state.

Under the cooperation with the People’s Council, there is an ongoing joint work considering the most significant proposals of the Youth Parliament. Such proposals relate to the areas of budget and finance, sports, healthcare and many others. Undoubtedly, the sphere of youth policy does not go unnoticed by young parliamentarians, however, when we held a joint meeting at the end of January this year, we came to the understanding that extra attention should be paid to this issue, making it a priority.

I know that the Youth Parliament has done a tremendous job in this direction. It included not only an analysis of the existing legislative framework, but also, perhaps, the main thing – monitoring the needs of young people. This is, indeed, the foundation which young parliamentarians should go by in their work, since they directly represent the interests of the youth.

I express hope that from this day on, a new significant stage ensues in the work of the Youth Parliament and in the field of the Republic’s youth policy. I wish you good luck and patience in this challenging but important matter. You should know that you will always find support in the People’s Council and can count on our help,” the Speaker of Parliament said.

During the plenary session, participants heard a report on the developing of proposals in the field of youth policy of the Donetsk People’s Republic.

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