Acting Deputy Chairman of Council of Ministers Dmitry Trapeznikov reviews results of work for 2017

On December 14, according to the agenda of plenary session, the Acting Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers Dmitry Trapeznikov made a report on the results of work for 2017 in the framework of parliamentary control over the activities of the Council of Ministers under current legislation.

Our main task is to preserve and recover the Donetsk People’s Republic and to develop it in all directions. This should continue to be our common goal.

The development of the state must focus on social sphere. The objectives and programmes of social policy in the fields of education, health, culture, sports, housing, construction and reconstruction of housing and also in other directions were carried out in difficult and innovative circumstances in the course of 2017. The social obligations of the Republic, in the first instance this applies to pensions, have been and remain to be the main priorities. Pension payments are provided to 680 thousand pensioners a month. Pensions were increased twice during the year. In the first case, the amount of the minimum pension was increased to 2,600 roubles. Since October 1, pensions for all pensioners in the Republic have been recalculated to reflect an increase of 5%.

A total of 2.3 billion roubles were paid for 14 types of state social assistance during 11 months of 2017. A monthly allowance is granted to 160 thousand benefit recipients.

The plans for 2018 are to increase the level of social benefits and increase a minimum pension from the beginning of the year and, in general, throughout the year. It is also planned to upgrade and implement a new software product to optimize the work of the entire social protection system. The challenge is to ensure a proper level of social services for the population by introducing new approaches to the organization of the specialized agencies’ work.

Despite the destruction in many localities and the continued shelling by the AFU, which has resulted in new destruction, the key task we must fulfil is the reconstruction of civilian housing and social facilities. Where it is not possible to do so, it is necessary to build new ones as well as to re-establish utilities and communications.

So far, 447 social facilities and 840 multi-apartment buildings have been rehabilitated. The reconstruction of a building designed to relocate citizens whose housing has been completely destroyed due to hostilities will be completed soon in Donetsk. About 130 families will receive new apartments. During the renovation, all building regulations and conditions for comfortable life were taken into account, including interior and exterior finishes, installation of sanitary appliances, connecting doors, installation of floor, wall and ceiling coverings, installation of electric stoves. There is a playground near the building, as well as yard lighting and landscaping.

A programme on preparation of housing facilities for winter was implemented in a timely manner in 2017. Boilers have been maintained and, in some cases, some of them have been refurbished or new ones have been built. An example is the front-line village of Alexandrovka, where the school, kindergarten, club and library have heat.

A programme on major maintenance of elevators is carried out in multi-apartment buildings. The implementation of a programme to rehabilitate utility networks and a programme to reduce the loss of drinking water continues. One example is the village of Novozaryevka in the Starobeshevo district, where its inhabitants have not received a central water supply for more than eight years.

The plans for 2018 include the rehabilitation of 700 objects of social importance, construction of multi-apartment buildings in Donetsk, Makeyevka, Gorlovka, Uglegorsk, Shakhtyorsk. These include the planned continuation of the housing and utilities rehabilitation programmes.

The most important for our citizens is the development of medicine. Throughout the year, the entire health system is optimized in accordance with the road map approved at the beginning of the year. To date, the optimization of the pharmacy fund and the network of treatment facilities have begun. The logistics base has been improved in a number of institutions.

A number of normative legal acts, resolutions of the Council of Ministers and more than 276 medical and technical documents have been developed and adopted. The state registration of medicinal preparations has been organized. From the beginning of the next year, a state enterprise for provision of medical products with its own retail network will start its activity. We will provide the citizens of the Republic with quality and affordable medicinal products.

The plans for 2018 are to work on changes in the laws “On health care”, “On public health and epidemiological well-being”, the development and implementation of programs to provide medicines to citizens entitled to benefits, modernization of equipment, development of telemedicine, development and implementation of the programme to centralize laboratory service.

In addition, it is necessary to introduce a system of continuous medical education, which will include the organization of a single scientific and practical educational complex on the basis of medical university.

The main objectives of the DPR’s internal policy are to strengthen the economy, improve the quality of life of citizens, carry out measures to prevent diseases, develop education and culture. It is also very important to support the traditional ideological values of the Republic. Only joint actions of all branches of government and constant interaction with society can ensure the full implementation of this task. Patriotism, love for motherland, intolerance to corruption, improvement of the quality of public discussion should become a part of our culture.

I urge all deputies to work with citizens in districts as often as possible. It is very important not only to be aware of the problems of society, but also to constantly set the correct ideological vector of the Republic for society. The realization of these goals must begin with personality education in school, teaching children elementary truths: respect for elders, tolerance to others and the concept of honour, duty, friendship, kindness.

Last year I stated that the main directions should also be reforming and improving the conditions of education, ensuring control in this sphere, increasing its quality. During the year a number of innovations were adopted in preschool, secondary and vocational education. In 2017, new preschool institutions were opened in Dokuchayevsk, Donetsk, Debaltsevo, Yenakiyevo and Makeyevka. Additionally, 49 groups were opened in kindergartens. Another school in Donetsk started its work. Two new institutions of higher education were opened: the Academy of Civil Protection and the Donbass Agrarian Academy. I would like to emphasize that all the documents on education issued in the Donetsk People’s Republic are recognized in the Russian Federation. Since the beginning of the year the decisions of the Higher Attestation Commission will also gain legitimacy in Russia.

Our universities will accept foreign students in the new academic year. So far, foreign students have submitted more than 250 applications to the Donetsk National Medical University. In order to increase the level of knowledge and competence in 2018, the programme to optimize the network of educational organizations will continue.

One of the important directions in 2018 will be the implementation of employment programme and distribution of graduates of secondary and higher vocational education, including the organization of their social support in the first 3 years of employment.

The main tasks in 2018 include the implementation of continuing education, the development of inclusive education and the programme to control the quality of education. From the beginning of the year, extended day-care groups will be provided with free meals in schools.

I have repeatedly stated that we are all responsible for the fate of the Republic, its citizens. It is beyond any ambition. Thank you, Denis Vladimirovich. Thanks to the entire deputy corps and committees. Thanks to the ministers for working as a team during the year. We all united for the sake of the Donetsk People’s Republic. At the heart of this association lies heartfelt and sincere concern for our state. Peace and prosperity to the Donetsk People’s Republic!

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