Acting DPR Head, representatives of USSR hero-cities and Russian regions plant trees at Saur-Mogila

On September 9, a requiem meeting was held on the territory of the Saur-Mogila memorial complex in the Shakhtyorsky district of the Donetsk People’s Republic, timed to coincide with the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Donbass from the Nazi invaders.

The event was attended by Acting DPR Head Denis Pushilin, Deputy Chairman of the People’s Council Olga Makeyeva, deputies of the People’s Council, heads of ministries and departments, acting head of Gorlovka’s City Council Ivan Prikhodko, representatives of the Donetsk Republic public movement, the Young Republic public organization, as well as representatives of hero-cities of the Donetsk People’s Republic, Russia and Ukraine. Besides, the meeting was attended by representatives of several regions of the Russian Federation – Astrakhan, Vladimir, Ryazan, Orenburg and Smolensk regions, and Krasnodar Territory.

The solemn part began with a minute of silence in memory of those who perished, at various times defending this height from the enemy, as well as in memory of the tragically murdered Hero of the Donetsk People’s Republic Alexander Zakharchenko.

In his address to the gathered, Denis Pushilin noted that the defenders of the Donetsk People’s Republic had repeated the exploit of Soviet soldiers, having won Saur-Mogila during the battles with the Ukrainian regime troops, and those heroes who died in battles for the legendary height saved thousands of Donbass residents.

“No one could imagine that this height would again be the focus of attention. Nevertheless, we all remember how the war again came to the Donbass. The war that Ukraine unleashed. And at some moments it seemed that our fate was predetermined. But heroes stood up! There were patriots who with arms in their hands rose to defend their land, who rushed into battle with the enemy.

Many died… They died in battles for Donetsk and Shakhtyorsk, for Yasinovataya and Debaltsevo, for Ilovaysk and for Saur-Mogila. It was not in vain! Today, standing here, we remember and mourn for the fallen. Motorola, Givi, Alexander Vladimirovich Zakharchenko… Simple civilians, residents of the Donbass – metallurgists and miners, teachers and doctors – died for barbaric shelling of residential areas, schools and hospitals, kindergartens and churches to stop. These people saved thousands of Donbass residents at the cost of their lives.

The Alley of Glory must become an eternal reminder to future generations that they are the descendants of the liberator soldiers who performed the feat. And we must cherish the memory of each of them in our hearts!” the Acting DPR Head said.

At the end of the solemn part of the event, its participants planted 75 thuja seedlings in the Alley of Glory around the St. Alexander Nevsky Chapel in honour of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Donbass from the Nazi invaders. Representatives of hero-cities of Murmansk, Sevastopol, Kerch, Smolensk, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Odessa, Donetsk, Gorlovka, as well as deputies of the DPR People’s Council and heads of ministries took part in the tree planting.

We shall note that 75 years ago the front of fierce battles took place through these places. Battles for Saur-Mogila were particularly bloody: having the dominant heights opened the way to a further offensive of the Soviet army, rescuing the Donbass from German fascism. The regiments that stormed the mound lost more than half of their forces in the attacks, the ground here is literally flooded with soldier’s blood. In 2014, Saur-Mogila again became the scene of brutal fighting between the members of the Donbass People’s Militia and the soldiers of the Ukrainian army.

Let us remind you that earlier Denis Pushilin on behalf of the Russian Center came up with the initiative to restore the alley destroyed in 2014 as a result of the fighting for Saur-Mogila and invited the representatives of hero-cities of the Soviet Union to take part in planting trees. This proposal was made during the conference “Cultural Space of the Peoples of Russia and the Donbass,” which was held in Moscow from April 19 to 20.

We shall add that today’s event was held as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Donbass from the Nazi invaders, which is celebrated in the Donetsk People’s Republic on September 8. On this day in 1943, Soviet troops entered the city of Stalino during the Donbass offensive operation. On the occasion of this significant event, a series of commemorative events are taking place throughout the Republic, in which Denis Pushilin, the Acting DPR Head, and the People’s Council deputies are participating. In particular, the parliamentarians conducted courage lessons in more than 20 schools of the Republic and acquainted students with the history of the Soviet Army’s liberation operation in the Donbass in 1943, and also made historical parallels with the events that took place during the modern armed conflict in the territory of the DPR.

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