Alexander Bondarenko comments on bill regulating activities of taxi and ridesharing services

Chairman of the People’s Council Committee for Transport and Communications, MP Alexander Bondarenko commented on the discussion of clarifications to the bill of August 29, 2019 No. 728-KD “On the Activities of Taxi and Ridesharing Companies.”

The main goal of the draft law is to regulate the relations between the government bodies and persons operating in the taxi sector, ridesharing companies, improving security and improving the quality of taxi services.

In order to improve state regulation in the field of passenger taxi and establish modern foundations for the development of a civilized taxi services market, the bill, in particular, defines:

– the grounds for the implementation of activities for the carriage of passenger taxi, as well as the activities of the services of ordering a passenger taxi;

– features of the issuance, registration and accounting of a permit for the implementation of activities for the carriage of passenger taxis, the scope of this permit;

– the content and procedure for maintaining the register of passenger taxis, as well as the registry of services for ordering passenger taxis;

– requirements for passenger taxis, their drivers, legal entities and  entrepreneurs engaged in the transportation via passenger taxis;

– the responsibility of charterers and taxi services, taking into account the harm caused.

The submitted bill is aimed at protecting public interests. It allows for new market tools, using which modern digital technologies will both ensure the safety of transportation and increase the investment attractiveness of the industry.

The bill takes into account all the main features of the modern market and solves problematic issues that arise in law enforcement practice.

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