Alexander Bondarenko comments on decrease in retail price of blue fuel at gas stations

The reduction in gas prices at the DPR gas stations was due to a decrease in the purchase price. The deputy of the DPR People’s Council, the chairman of the Transport and Communications Committee Alexander Bondarenko stated this to DAN.

“At petrol stations of the state enterprise “Republican Fuel Company”, the cost of liquefied gas decreased by two rubles and amounted to 22 rubles per litre. Favourable changes are due to a decrease in the purchase price and the effect of state policy aimed at minimizing the prices of all types of fuel,” the deputy noted.

According to Alexander Bondarenko, pricing for fuel in the Republic for the most part is “the result of changes in the import price of these products from suppliers”, and the DPR leadership is taking all measures to minimize the extra charges in retail sales of liquefied gas to consumers.

“The DPR People’s Council will continue to work on improving tax legislation in order to establish ultimate retail prices by reducing the fiscal burden on importers and on business as a whole,” the parliamentarian underlined.

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