Alexander Bondarenko: Road safety requires greater attention from public

The Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Alexander Bondarenko commented on the progress of a Road Safety Week, actions aimed at the improvement of knowledge of the DPR’s citizens about safe road behaviour.

ʺCurrently, road safety is a global and social problem, which requires greater attention from public.

The 4th Republican Road Safety Week in the Donetsk People’s Republic aimed at attracting the attention of an audience and raising its awareness.

A number of activities, which were aimed at interaction with all road users such as pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, automobilists, within the framework of the action were carried out.

We hope that the past events will perform not only informational and educational function, but also they will help to find ways to solve the identified problems accumulating the efforts of residents and authorities,ʺ Alexander Bondarenko said.

The deputy described in detail the main events of the Road Safety Week.

ʺDuring the week, the representatives of the People’s Council’s Committee on Transport and Communications held seminars for people responsible for road safety, a discussion “A pedestrian and a driver: who is right and who is to blame?”, an action “Put your sit belt on”, a road safety holiday, the theme of which was: “Road traffic deserves respect”, an agitation run “Pedestrian, follow traffic rules!” with the participation of vehicles provided by the DPR’s Federation of Motor Sportsʺ

We, the citizens of the Donetsk People’s Republic, should not forget about the price and the significance of every human life! Show understanding and follow traffic rules,ʺ Alexander Bondarenko summed up.

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