Alexander Bykadorov: Zelensky’s election plans turn out to be lie

The new Ukrainian government does not intend to develop the country. This was in a comment on the official website of the DPR, People’s Council MP Alexander Bykadorov stated in a comment for the DPR official website.

“From the very beginning of its existence, Ukraine has never been a sovereign state in full. It was always ruled by other, more powerful countries, endowing Ukrainian leaders with certain benefits and determining the general vector of its degradation.

At the moment Ukraine is completely hooked on the IMF needle, meanwhile common Ukrainians live ‘better’ and ‘more European-like’ every day. An average Ukrainian spends most of their earnings on utilities. Zelensky’s lies about his plans to reduce tariffs have remained a lie for PR. The new Ukrainian government does not intend to develop the country either, apparently. It is easier to use the benefits of “visa-free” regime and serve European masters.

The rampage of all sorts of nationalists and radicalized outcasts is absolutely beyond control of the authorities. And is there any authority at all, though? There is a split in the parliamentary faction, and the ratings are dropping for both the presidential party and the president himself.

No one dares to conduct a census in Ukraine, limiting themselves to electronic counting. After that, they will quickly come up with pleasant results for the eyes of ordinary people so as not to frighten people with the obvious failure of the current Ukrainian policy. Apparently, Zelensky wants to become the last president of Ukraine,” Alexander Bykadorov said.

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