Alexander Kamyshov: Kiev demonstrates its complete inability to negotiate by refusing to separate forces in area of Stanitsa Luganskaya

The failure to separate forces and means in the area of Stanitsa Luganskaya demonstrates official Kiev’s commitment to delay the process of peaceful settlement of the conflict in Donbass. This was stated by the Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Alexander Kamyshov in an interview to the Donetsk News Agency.

ʺThis agreement could be the beginning of a new stage in the settlement of the conflict, however the Ukrainian side refused to fulfill its commitments today. Therefore, it can be stated that Leonid Kuchma resumed a policy based on the prolongation of the negotiation process, which he followed under Poroshenko, as a plenipotentiary representative of Kiev from the start. Generally speaking, official Kiev has once again demonstrated its complete inability to negotiate and unwillingness to implement the Minsk agreements.

It should be reminded that the Package of Measures to implement the Minsk agreements, which is recognized by the world community as the only possible way to resolve the conflict, was signed by Leonid Kuchma. Thereby, having appointed the ex-president of Ukraine as a plenipotentiary representative in Minsk, Vladimir Zelensky made it clear that there would be no progress in the negotiation process. The new head of the state will continue the course of his predecessor,ʺ the deputy noted.

Alexander Kamyshov, the Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council

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