Alexander Kamyshov: Zelensky’s chances of making terms with Donbass drop with each AFU shot

In an interview with RIA Novosti, DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kamyshov noted the similarity of the Avakov, Zelensky and Poroshenko’s rhetoric when it comes to Donbass.

“The speech of Vladimir Zelensky at the 56th Munich Conference is just a pile of patterns developed by Ukrainian propaganda in recent years. On top of that, the contradictions in this rhetoric are obvious even to people far from politics.

Zelensky refuses to communicate with the Republics’ officials, elected in democratic elections in accordance with OSCE standards. The President of Ukraine says that he is ready for dialogue with the civilian population, and at the same time, the Ukrainian security forces are targeting their own citizens; the Ukrainian authorities disrupt the payment of pensions and benefits, and the rhetoric of Kiev’s official representatives and all major media is the rhetoric of war, hatred and aggression,” the parliamentarian pointed out.

Alexander Kamyshov also suggested that such statements are aimed at dragging the time and sabotaging of the Minsk agreements implementation.

“It is obvious that such statements are made with one purpose – to delay the implementation of the Minsk agreements as much as possible, or not to fulfil them at all, thus freezing the conflict in Donbass and increasing one’s popularity among the Ukrainian minority of fringe nationalists.

In fact, the way Vladimir Zelensky puts a question is drastically wrong. Today we are no longer talking about whom he is ready or not to enter into a dialogue with. I believe that after all the crimes of the Poroshenko regime and Zelensky, his successor, the relevant question is, would the people of Donbass want a dialogue with Zelensky and what can this dialogue give them? For six years, Donbass tried to shout to the Ukrainian authorities until we are heard, but we were stubbornly ignored, executed, and strangled by the blockade. So today it is Donbass that is to decide with whom and what it makes sense to negotiate. And the chances that it would be Zelensky drop with each shot of the AFU,” the deputy noted.

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