Alexander Kostenko: Ukraine steps up security measures on borders with Republics and Crimea due to deterioration of domestic crime situation

Earlier, the press centre of the State Border Service of Ukraine reported on the enhancing of security measures on the state border, the contact line with the Donbass and the “administrative border with the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea” during the celebration of the National Flag Day and the 27th anniversary of Independence Day.

“Kiev’s statement on the strengthening of security measures on the borders with the Republics and Crimea is groundless and insignificant,” the head of the “Donetsk Republic” faction Alexander Kostenko shared this opinion with the press service of the People’s Council.

The parliamentarian stressed that in the Donbass, as in the Crimea, there lives a peaceful population that is busy with the development of its region, and not with provocations in another country.

“We do not ask ourselves how to arrange another provocation in Kiev, Lvov or other cities of Ukraine. To introduce strict control on the border and look for so-called terrorists is another absurd idea of the Kiev regime. By doing this, they only aggravate the situation on their territory, which will lead to social tension among ordinary citizens of Ukraine.

We do not take lead after Poroshenko and his government, and we do not consider it right to respond to such provocations, because, ultimately, civilians suffer. Perhaps, security measures are being intensified because of the obvious deterioration of the criminal situation in the country. The population owns a mass of unregistered weapons. In addition, each week we watch every now and again the dismantling of Ukrainian bandit formations, controlled by various political forces,” said Alexander Kostenko.

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