Alexander Kostenko: World Football Championship is cause for AFU to implement its military plans to take over Republics

The Head of the parliamentary faction “Donetsk Republic” and a deputy Alexander Kostenko gave his commentary on a possibility of the escalation of the situation on the line of contact and provocations by the Ukrainian Armed Forces during the World Football Championship in Russia to the Press service of the DPR People’s Council.

ʺUkraine is looking for political advantage in the escalation on the line of contact, first of all, in the form of international incident and public accusations of Russia. However, every escalation, and there were many during the war, means a threat to our people’s lives and security.

Of course, such a momentous event as the World Cup is a great excuse to begin a large-scale offensive in Donbass,ʺ a deputy expressed his opinion.

He also added that the longer the war was prolonged due to the lack of Kiev’s desire to come to the negotiating table, the worse the situation in Ukraine would be.

ʺThe plans of the AFU leadership are doomed to failure. We are ready for any escalation both on the line of contact and political field,ʺ Alexander Kostenko said.

It should be reminded that the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin stated during a call-in show on June 7 that possible provocations in Donbass during the FIFA World Cup 2018 would carry grave consequences for Ukrainian statehood.

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