Alexander Kurenkov: Andrey Parubiy’s statement on prevention of cease-fire in Donbass is attempt to boost rating before parliamentary elections

The Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrey Parubiy stated about the prevention of a cease-fire in Donbass, because such a step, according to the Ukrainian politician, would demonstrate Ukraine’s surrender to Russia. The Deputy of the People’s Council Alexander Kurenkov commented on this statement in an interview to the official website of the DPR.

ʺIt is not clear what kind of surrender this person, who unleashed a bloody war against his own people along with other war criminals, is talking about. In addition, a question naturally arises at this point: is it possible, as a matter of principle, to take the words of this person, whose ability to think was once questioned by competent specialists, seriously? And it can be rather dubbed as the death throes of Ukraine outgoing political ‘elite’.

We see fear of responsibility, which they can bear for what they have done, as well as an attempt to cling on to power and to boost their ratings before parliamentary elections,ʺ the deputy noted.

Alexander Kurenkov, the member of the People’s Council’s Committee on Security and Defence

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