Alexander Kurenkov: Imposition of martial law in Ukraine will negatively affect residents of territories controlled by Kiev in first place

The martial law in Ukraine will negatively affect, first and foremost, ordinary Ukrainians, however the residents of the DPR may encounter some problems. The DPR People’s Council deputy Alexander Kurenkov shared his opinion with the Donetsk News Agency.

At night, the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine proposed to introduce martial law in the country due to a situation in the Sea of Azov. The Verkhovna Rada will consider a draft bill in this regard.

ʺThe restrictions related to the imposition of martial law in Ukraine will negatively affect the residents of the territories controlled by Kiev. They are the expropriation of property, increased censorship, labor conscription, cancellation of elections and much more. They practically will not affect the citizens of the DPR and LPR, though the cases with the seizure of automobile transports at border crossing checkpoints, extortion and blackmail will increase,ʺ the deputy predicted.

He added that the increase in the number of shelling in Donbass was not excluded.

ʺThe Ukrainian presidential chair is at stake. The Poroshenko’s mass media has a lot of work to justify the violence against people and the state as a whole, which comes after the imposition of martial law,ʺ Alexander Kurenkov noted.

Martial law is a special legal regime, which is introduced in Ukraine or its individual territories by the act of Ukraine “On the legal regime of martial law”. In accordance with it, the state authorities, military command, military administrations are granted extended powers in terms of restriction of human rights and freedoms and it is also prohibited to hold the elections of the President and deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

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