Alexander Kurenkov urges Zelensky to resign

The DPR People’s Council MP, Alexander Kurenkov, provided a comment for the Donetsk news agency on a letter of Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine on Donbass reintegration.

“After such documents, at Zelensky’s they only have one way out – to resign. We have heard enough of honeyed speeches from the President of Ukraine about the peace. He is hell-bent on Donbass being a scorched field. What did 73% of Ukrainians think of when they elected him as their leader, I wonder?

Donbass has always been and will be part of the great Russian world. We spoke and will speak Russian. And we will never allow the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to wander around our territories, not to mention any ‘purges’ and harassment of the inhabitants of Donbass,” the parliamentarian said.

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