Alexander Kurenkov: Zelensky has reached new height of hypocrisy calling article of Ukraine’s Constitution hoax

To assess the Constitution of Ukraine, to call one of its articles a hoax is the same sort of cynicism as a published plan concerning the deportation of the people of Donbass, which was prepared in the Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council. This was stated by Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Alexander Kurenkov.

ʺZelensky in his video massage said that the article that guaranteed the right of the people of Ukraine to land was nothing but a hoax and that the land could not belong to all Ukrainians.

What kind of cynic he should be, what sort of ego complex he should have in order to disrespect the highest law of his country and think through anti-human plans for deportation? Who does Zelensky think he is? Perhaps he considers himself the new Ukrainian Napoleon, who has the right to interpret laws as he pleases and to resettle people against their will, wherever he wants?

It should be reminded that Napoleon suffered a crushing defeat and exorbitant ambitions and pride led him to disgrace. If he thinks that to govern a state as easy as to play a piano, then he is egregiously wrong,ʺ Alexander Kurenkov said.


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