Alexander Malkov: New Ukrainian law on language discriminates Russian-speaking population of Ukraine

A law, which is aimed at ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the official state language and was adopted on April 25, 2019, has come into force in Ukraine. The Deputy of the People’s Council Alexander Malkov commented on new Ukrainian legal regulations in an interview to the official website of the DPR.

ʺThis law has not only certain unbalanced articles, which contradict each other and the current Ukrainian legislation, but also has clear corruptive and discriminative nature.

All areas of communication, except private and religious ones, will be translated into the Ukrainian language due to this law, while ignoring the realities of life in Ukraine. At the same time, mandatory state certification of knowledge of the Ukrainian language will be introduced and which will be required not only for study and public service, but also for employment,ʺ the deputy said.

Alexander Malkov added that this law violated the constitutional rights of Russian-speaking citizens of Ukraine and basically took away their public, cultural and information space. They are deprived of the right to health care in their native language, the opportunity to obtain primary education (higher education has been long Ukrainianized) in their mother tongue, to testify and participate in judicial pleadings, as well as to label products in their own language.

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