Alexander Zakharchenko: Denis Pushilin has to lead important for Republic direction – integration of Donbass with Russian Federation

On October 18, a convention of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement took place in Donetsk. During the event, the Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko announced an assignment for Denis Pushilin to lead a new dimension of activities – the integration of Donbass with the Russian Federation.

According to the Head of the DPR, it is an extremely important area of activity for the Republic at this time.

ʺWe need a breakthrough. This is the most important direction that Denis Vladimirovich will work on,ʺ Alexander Zakharchenko emphasized.

Natalia Volkova, the Director General of a state enterprise “Donetsk National Academic Musical and Drama Theatre” succeeded Denis Pushilin as the Head of the Central Executive Committee of the “Donetsk Republic” public movement.

The leader of the state commended the work of Denis Pushilin to which he was assigned in the public movement.

ʺDenis Vladimirovich actively participated in the life of the “Donetsk Republic” executive committee, I thank him very much for that. But he is now doing more serious and important work. It is the People’s Council, which requires a lot of work, as well as the Minsk negotiations. This is the work that will enable us, hopefully, to resolve the conflict with Ukraine through diplomatic work,ʺ Alexander Zakharchenko said.

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