Alexey Zhigulin: By imposing martial law, Kiev authorities will legally be able to eliminate all dissidents

The introduction of martial law will have a negative impact on the residents of the part of the country controlled by Kiev, deputy of the DPR People’s Council, head of the Free Donbass parliamentary faction, chairman of the Committee on Criminal and Administrative Law Alexey Zhigulin told Interfax.

“The introduction of martial law in ten regions of Ukraine will have a negative impact on the inhabitants of these regions. The rights and freedoms of citizens will be significantly limited.

Strict censorship is introduced. Thus, the authorities can legally eliminate all dissidents,” the deputy said.

In his opinion, the possible expropriation of property, labour conscription, a ban on mass meetings, unauthorized searches and other restrictions that may be imposed by the security forces will significantly increase Pyotr Poroshenko’s influence.

“At this time, the authorities will be able to freely raise tariffs for housing and communal services, adopt anti-Ukrainian laws, and people will not have the right to protest. Moreover, the presidential election may not take place, and the resolution approved by the Verkhovna Rada on their appointment for March 31, 2019 may be canceled,” Alexey Zhigulin said.

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