Alexey Zhigulin: We develop mechanisms to protect children from information harmful to their health

The Parliament of the DPR has registered a draft bill, which will allow protecting minors from information harmful to their health, including information via the Internet. This was stated by the DPR’s People’s Council deputy, Chairman of the Committee on Criminal and Administrative Legislation Alexey Zhigulin to an online media outlet ForPost.

ʺIt is difficult to imagine teenagers today who do not use cellular communication and the Internet. A phone, computer or tablet has become an integral part of their lives. A child receives vast amounts of information via electronic devices that he or she is unable to properly assess. Children can get under the influence of so-called “death groups” by inexperience, which destroy child’s psyche, change behaviour exposing a child’s life to fatal danger.

The problem of the impact of destructive communities on minors has acquired a somewhat different character today – these groups have become more positive and gambling. These communities offer a child to quickly and easily make money by performing a simple task. For instance, take a photo of yourself on the edge of the roof of any high-rise building. So-called customers encourage a child to tell their friends about such ‘heroism’ in order to involve as many people as possible in this process,ʺ the deputy said.

According to Alexey Zhigulin, the Committee headed by him is currently working on draft amendments to the Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code of the DPR, which criminalize the inducement of minors to suicidal behaviour through their participation in so-called “death groups”.

ʺIn addition to the project proposed by our committee, the deputy from the “Free Donbass” faction Anastasia Selivanova made a legislative proposal to amend the laws governing the establishment of additional protection mechanisms of minors from information harmful for their health, in particular via the Internet. The adoption of said draft bills is scheduled for a spring session of 2019. This will allow implementing an integrated approach in countering such types of crimes,ʺ the deputy summed up.

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