Andrey Bayevsky: Minsk platform is only international one with participation of DPR and LPR

The Minsk agreements are the basic and only document signed by the DPR, the LPR and Ukraine, which is capable of resolving the conflict in the Donbass, Chairman of the Committee on Civil and Arbitration Law Andrey Bayevsky told DAN.

“Over the four years since the signing of the Minsk agreements, the conflicting parties, according to the JCCC, agreed on silence regime 18 times. There was a “harvest truce”, “school” one, “New Year’s” one, but every time the Ukrainian party violated all the agreements signed earlier. Over this time we have held more than 10 prisoner exchanges. About 600 people have been released from the dungeons of the SBU as of today,” Andrey Bayevsky shared the information.

According to the parliamentarian, the Ukrainian party is permanently blocking all the DPR and LPR initiatives for the disengagement of military equipment and personnel, the settlement of security issues, the solution of political, economic, humanitarian problems.

“The shelling by the Ukrainian Armed Forces continues, but the overall intensity of the hostilities has decreased by several times – we all felt it. As for the implementation of the Minsk agreements, we failed to move a single step forward in this direction because of the sabotage of the negotiations by the Ukrainian side,” the deputy said.

He added that today the Minsk platform is the only international one on which the Republics of Donbass are represented.

“Four years is a considerable period during which Ukraine has sought to cause us the maximum trouble, starting with the isolation of the Donbass and ending with constant violations of the silence regime. On the other hand, in this short period, our Republics have strengthened, formed their own state institutions, signed a number of international agreements on friendship and cooperation. We adhere to the peaceful course of development, despite the low efficiency of the negotiation process. “Minsk” is the only international platform where we can make a statement,” Andrey Bayevsky said.

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