Another meeting of Contact group held in Minsk

On April 26, a meeting of the Contact group on the peaceful conflict settlement in the Donbass was held in Minsk. The agenda included issues related to the blockade of the People’s Republics, as well as humanitarian issues.

As a source at the peace talks reports from the capital of Belarus, the Contact group discussed issues related to Ukraine’s implementation of the total blockade of the Donbass, the cessation of the goods movement across the contact line, as well as the cessation of water and electricity supplies.

“Instead of working on restoring the banking system and economic ties, talking about the need to pay pensions and benefits, Ukraine persistently and doggedly pushes the Donbass out of its space. The transport blockade of the Donbass, introduced by radicals and legalized by the Ukrainian government, in the end affects the welfare of very Ukraine. Unlike the Republics, which have learned to live without Ukraine for three years, the Ukrainian state is surviving in the absence of Donetsk coal and taxes from large Donbass industrial enterprises.

The same thing happened to the supply of electricity to the LPR territory. The republic was ready for such outrageous actions of the Ukrainian side, therefore, within half an hour, power supply was returned to the de-energized localities. But in the villages that remained without electricity, which are in the territory under Ukraine’s control, as a result of such a decision by the Ukrainian authorities, the settlement of the problem took much more time,” a source at the peace talks said.

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