#Commentary of Elena Melnik on why ‘myths are debunked’ in Ukraine

In Ukraine, the process of decommunization – rejecting everything that connects Ukraine with the Soviet past – is being actively running. One of the elements of this connection was the system of free medicine and disease prevention. Perhaps, within the framework of this campaign Acting Minister of Health of Ukraine Ulyana Suprun on her Facebook page has ‘debunked’ another ‘myth’ ...

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#Commentary of Valery Skorokhodov on European dilemma for Poroshenko

The EU criticizes Ukraine once again and criticizes sharply. This was reported by Deutsche Welle. The reason is well-known and it is unwillingness to fight corruption. The representatives of Ukraine reported on a situation in the European Parliament and the absence of clear timeline for the establishment of anti-corruption court was precisely what annoyed them.

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#Commentary of Elena Melnick on intensification of aggression on part of Ukraine against Russian Federation

On March 18, Russian voters were not allowed to polling stations in Ukraine during presidential elections in the Russian Federation, legislatively breaking off economic relations with the Russian Federation a few days later and introducing requirements for its citizens to report about visiting the country beforehand. What do these stepped-up attacks against Russia mean that boomerangs back onto Ukraine itself?

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