City and District Council’s heads of Russian Federation, DPR and LPR sign cooperation agreements

On November 3, as part of the International Roundtable “November 4 – the Day of the Russian Spirit. “Russia – Donbass, we speak the same language”, signing of an agreements on cooperation between the cities of the Russian Federation and the Donbass People’s Republics took place.

The agreement between the cities of Murom in the Vladimir region (RF) and Yasinovataya (DPR) was signed by the heads of City Councils Konstantin Figurin and Oleg Morgun. A similar agreement was signed by the head of the Council of the city of Suzdal (RF) Sergey Sakharov and the head of the Council of the city of Dokuchaevsk (DPR) Alexander Kachanov.

In addition, cooperation agreements were signed by Mayor of Kovrov (RF) Anatoly Zotov and the Mayor of Krasnodon (LPR) Sergey Kozenko, as well as the head of the Council of the Kovrovsky district of the Vladimir region Vyacheslav Skorokhodov and the head of the Council of the Slavyanoserbsky district Alexander Deineka.

Denis Pusilin, DPR Chairman of the People’s Council, emphasized the importance of such events for ordinary residents of Donbass.

“Indeed, twinning between our cities is an important element in the integration processes. It is very important for our citizens to have an understanding in which direction we are moving.

Unfortunately, not everything is as simple in the geopolitical space, where many political processes take place. But with concrete steps and actions, we must show where we are moving, who our friends are, who our brothers are and what the future holds for us.

The town twinning Institute will gain momentum thanks to the Integration Committee, and these are the most concrete and important first steps that we are taking today,” the DPR Speaker of Parliament said.

For his part, the Head of the Lugansk People’s Republic Igor Plotnitsky noted the historic symbolism of the signed agreements.

“I am confident that today’s event will be of great importance for our people. We are pleased that the signing of agreements took place on the Vladimir land, on the day of such a big holiday.

I am sure that this is only the beginning of a great friendship with Russia. We know and firmly believe that we are returning home, to our own family. Therefore, our twinning is not in words, but in deeds,” Igor Plotnitsky said.

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