Claudia Kulbatskaya: We have to provide guarantees of social protection to Republic’s servicemen

On March 29, the Deputy of the DPR’s People’s Council Claudia Kulbatskaya took part in a programme called “Power’s Task” on a radio “Comet”. The deputy described the legislative activity of the Committee on Social and Housing Policy during the radio’s broadcast.

Claudia Kulbatskaya noted that the major scope of activities was to develop draft laws that would regulate the areas of labour and family relations.

ʺCurrently, our Committee is developing a large number of normative legal acts. Thus, work is continuing on the draft Labour Code, which is planned to be adopted at a spring session. It is necessary to refine the draft Family Code, which was proposed by the Supreme Court,ʺ the deputy explained.

According to the deputy, special attention is paid to laws and bylaws that provide social support to certain categories of the population.

ʺA law “On social protection of war veterans” was adopted in the Republic. This document provides benefits to the combat veterans of the Great Patriotic Was and the participants of the conflict in Afghanistan.

However, it should be borne in mind that there is a war in the Donetsk People’s Republic currently and we have to do our best in order to protect the future of our defenders and their families,ʺ Claudia Kulbatskaya summed up.

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