#Comment of Vladimir Bidyovka on true goals of decommunization in Ukraine

The decommunization process is the beginning of the Ukrainian population’s consciousness changing process. This was reported by the lawyer of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory Sergey Ryabenko.

He said that changing the names of streets, cities, the so-called ‘visible markers of the totalitarian regime’ is just one of the components of the process, during which “Soviet myths” are being eradicated from the population and an indissoluble bond with the Ukrainian state in its present form is being instilled. According to the representative of the institute, it was thanks to work on changing the population’s consciousness the Kiev authorities managed to suppress protests in the southeast regions of Ukraine.

Why does an employee of the institute, headed by Vladimir Vyatrovich, famous by his neo-Nazi views, pay so such attention to the destruction of the so-called “Soviet myths”? The answer to this question lies within the current economic and political situation and is very clear. In the Soviet Union, clear moral and ethical guidelines were established as to what a social state should be. The list of the ‘Soviet myths’ includes free high-quality secondary and higher education, medicine, low utility bills, the inadmissibility of ethnic feud and much more, which fundamentally contradicts the realities of today’s ‘independent’ state. It is very important to tear its inhabitants mentally from the roots of a huge country, part of which was a prosperous Ukraine a quarter of a century ago. Therefore, in order to reverse to the west side, not only calmly, but with enthusiasm, the history of the Soviet period of Ukraine is presented exclusively in a negative way, and today’s Russia, the successor of that vast country, is like an enemy.

This is the terrible result of the information war, when people are being driven by harmful ideas that lead to self-destruction. In such conditions, the Kiev government has every opportunity to relieve from all possible responsibility for what is happening to the Ukrainian people.

After such confessions of Ukrainian nationalism ideologists, I want to look into the eyes of the participants of the Maidan and ask them: did you really want this?

Vladimir Bidyovka, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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