#Commentary of Alexander Avdeyev on what health-care reform in Ukraine entails

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted medical reform, which means that the constitutionally guaranteed free medicine will disappear in 2020. The services in hospitals will be divided into three categories: fully free, partially paid by the state (so-called co-payment) and paid.

The guaranteed by the state package of services, which includes emergency, primary healthcare and palliative care, will be free. In fact, this means that a ‘free’ patient will receive a primary doctor – a family doctor or a pediatrician, and also first aid will be provided, for example, they will give painkillers to those who need it.

The second category of service involves payment. It is when a state pays one part of the payment and the other one is paid by a patient. This includes medical inspections, surgeries and obstetric aid. An uncomplicated pregnancy will be examined free of charge by at the family doctor, but if a narrow focus specialized inspection of a specialist is necessary, it will be based on the co-payment. Thus, the obstetric aid will be free only if it is given without any complications. But drugs and all the services, for example, Caesarian operation, will be paid by an obstetric patient.

The last one is highly specialized medicine. It will require payment. For example, the treatment of acute pancreatitis will cost more than 71 thousand hryvnias, while the treatment of the open elbow wound in traumatology is more than 53 thousand hryvnias.

Sure, they have not forgotten an additional motivation for soldiers involved in so-called “ATO” – the state will cover costs for treating soldiers’ war wounds.

The G7 ambassadors insisted that the Verkhovna Rada should adopt the health-care reform as soon as possible. Europe is trying to introduce fee-paying medicine in Ukraine, while it is free in eight countries (Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Spain, Greece, Great Britain, Ireland and Portugal), their state systems have copied the best experience of the Soviet Union.

The Verkhovna Rada deputies had to please the ‘western curators’ and urgently pass bills on medical reform, deferring the most unpopular measures until 2020.

The former Minister of Health, Oleg Musiy, assessed the health-care reform: “This is the execution of Ukrainian medicine and the genocide of the Ukrainian nation”. It is difficult to disagree. But I would like to ask him and others who know what the power is doing: Where were you and why do you allow such abuse of its own citizens?

Alexander Avdeyev, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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