#Commentary of Alexander Kostenko on ban of number of websites of DPR, LPR and Russia on Ukraine’s territory

The Kiev authorities replaced the concept of “freedom” with “supervision” and “dictatorship”. Guided by personal interest in politics, economy and other spheres of life of the state, the Ukrainian leadership is interested in preventing any manifestations of democracy, humanity, justice and independence.

In particular, this applies to the work of media and communications. So, there are dozens of websites that are going to get banned and which, according to the Kiev authorities, are “pro-Russian”.

Everything that is inconsistent with the official position of the “Revolution of dignity” as “good for Ukraine” and the war in Donbass as “national liberation struggle against the Russian invaders” is condemned by Kiev. And the media, which openly criticize the Ukrainian government or occupy a neutral position, are under pressure from the law enforcement agencies and pseudo-patriotic nationalist groups.

However, censorship and strict restrictions on access to information resources do not mean that the people of Ukraine do not know the truth about what is happening in Donbass and who is actually an aggressor on this land.

The people will not be able to experience information hunger, which Kiev creates for its citizens, forever. And then the solution of problems related to the people’s unrest will be beyond the Kiev leadership’s power.

Alexander Kostenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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