#Commentary of Alexander Kostenko on initiative of Prosecutor-General’s Office of Ukraine to lift immunity of six deputies of Verkhovna Rada

The Ukrainian policies have once again been placed under the control of the Prosecutor-General’s Office. This time, the PGO produced evidence to convince the Parliament to lift the parliamentary immunity of six ‘people’s representatives’.

Whether the statement of the Public Prosecutor’s Office on the lifting the immunity of the designated deputies would be satisfied – it makes no difference. In any case, this incident demonstrates the true face of the “Maidan” authority, which has come to governance through a coup d’état.

Counting on politicians ‘of the people’, the Ukrainians got politicians ‘against the people’ who used their powers solely to enrich themselves. For decades, the ruling political circles in Ukraine have seen their own people as a source of income and the state as a bargaining chip in the geopolitical games of the West. Given this historical baggage, it is not surprising that the oligarchs, corrupt officials and thieves are in power in Ukraine today.

As long as the people do nothing, the Ukrainian oligarchs will further dip their hands in the country’s budget.

Alexander Kostenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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