#Commentary of Alexander Kostenko on possible termination of Ukraine’s railway passenger service with Russian Federation

The process of “derusification” in Ukraine continues. NSDC of Ukraine’s Secretary Alexander Turchinov actively promotes the idea of ending the railway passenger service with Russia. It seems that politicians at Bankovaya St. justify all absurd decisions with “national interests”.

Under the veil of ‘decommunization’ it is rather difficult to disguise the blocking of Russian IT companies, the introduction of a visa regime with the Russian Federation or 25% of the broadcasting quota for the Russian language. It seems the process with monuments, names of streets and cities is winding down. They have repainted everything, albeit poorly, which caught the eye of the so-called patriots. But the main task set by the current neo-Nazi government in Ukraine was not to destroy its history (this is only an intermediate link), but to create a Russophobic nation.

Information about the friendly stance of the Russian people in relation to the Ukrainian seeps across the border now and then. Of course, with a certain share of negative, but with respect to the Ukrainian authorities, and not ordinary people. Naturally, the neo-Nazi leadership of Ukraine does not like this process.

The disastrous rulers of the ‘independent’ have no sensible options to liquidate the border with the Russian Federation, although they would gladly force Ukrainians to dig up an ocean. Therefore, the process of ‘derusification’, which, in fact, is Russophobia, will be accompanied by direct restrictions on any kind of communication between residents of Russia and the remaining Ukraine. Thus, the termination of the railway passenger service with Russia completely falls into the canvas of the Russophobic strategy, especially since the air service has already been discontinued.

The situation is slightly more complicated with the Internet, but it is likely that in the near future we will hear insane ideas of “racially correct patriots” about how else they can isolate their fellow citizens from communicating with Russian relatives, friends and partners.

By the way, Hitler’s fans offer to sort out otherwise-minded with proven methods, such as the “Night of the Long Knives”, when the Nazi leadership of Germany destroyed more than 1,000 disloyal colleagues – members of assault detachments. This is exactly what the Verkhovna Rada deputy Yury Bereza stated: “As soon as I feel that we are losing Ukraine, I have plan B. There will be no civil war. There will be no revenge. There will be the “Night of the Long Knives,” and that’s all.”

Based on the analysis of the Ukrainian authorities’ actions, the Russian-speaking population and those who disagree with the policy of the Poroshenko regime will either be completely limited in their desires and freedoms or physically destroyed. And those who do not agree with this just have never been visited by the representatives of ‘Ukraine-style democracy’.

Alexander Kostenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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