#Commentary of Alexander Kostenko on why Ukrainian authorities see ‘Russian connection’ everywhere

The Deputy Head of the Security Service of Ukraine Victor Kononenko stated during the forum called “Ukraine: striving for balance” that ʺthere was no revolutionary situation in the country, and all the upheavals within Ukraine were caused solely by the influence of Russian Special servicesʺ.

Finding ‘Russian connection’ in everything that happens in Ukraine is an idée fixe of the Kiev regime. It does not matter whether President Poroshenko or the ‘opposition’ nationalists – both of them would be advantageous for labeling Russia as an ‘aggressor country’.

In my view, the first reason for such rhetoric is to obtain an official pretext for non-compliance with the Minsk agreements and forcibly occupy Donbass. The second is to explain to the Ukrainians why everything is so bad in the country, putting blame on the Russian Federation for everything that happens.

Despite accusations against Russia, statements about the presence of Russian troops in Donbass are constantly made by Poroshenko, the Head of the SSU and other Ukrainian leaders, no clear and real evidence have not been provided. Everything is presented in the form of populism and information noise around provocations.

Moreover, the revolution in Ukraine has not ended yet, because Kiev (even if it denies) has not implemented the ideas of “Maidan” and allowed the country’s political independence to collapse. There is now a clear division in the highest echelons of power in Ukraine. And the strengthening of nationalists’ positions and the radicalization of the opposition only increase the mess in the state administration system. As we see it, there are enough revolutionary ideas, and they continue to split the country from within.

Alexander Kostenko, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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