#Commentary of Alexander Malkov on Fener and Kiev concluding agreement

The series called “Ukrainian autocephaly” continues. Ukrainian media reported the signing of an agreement between the Patriarch of Constantinople Bartholomew and Pyotr Poroshenko.

The exact content of the agreement concluded on November 3, 2018 is not known. The press was fed mostly with previously known facts, for example, about the transfer of St. Andrew’s Church (an architectural monument, built by order of the Russian Empress Elizaveta Petrovna – ed.) to Fener and the opening of their permanent representative office in Kiev.

Each of the signatories pursues their own interests. Obviously, Poroshenko seeks to re-presidency, and Bartholomew – to expand his influence in the new territories, as well as other benefits promised by the West for swaying the situation in Ukraine.

It should be noted that, in general, the Western partners are behind both of them, that is, both are dependent, although they are trying to extract the maximum benefit from the situation for themselves.

The destabilization of Ukraine is still a priority for the West, which they are now working through by inciting religious hatred. At that, the basic principles of modern civil society, the postulates on which law is based throughout the world, are grossly violated. The separation of the church from the state is one of the most important achievements in the development of civil law, thanks to which wars on religious grounds in Europe have become part of the medieval past. But, apparently, someone is not excited about that.

We shall also note that the agreement was prepared in advance by the parties as one of the options for “orthodox Christians’ unification” in Ukraine based on nationalism and Russophobia. That is, several options are being worked out while maintaining the main goal – strengthening the split in the Ukrainian society, increasing social tension, creating prerequisites for a new round of civil war, but with expanded geography and much larger consequences.

Alexander Malkov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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