#Commentary of Alexander Malkov on problems of creating ‘United Orthodox Church’ in Ukraine

The head of one of the schismatic Orthodox churches of the ‘independent’ – the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church – Metropolitan Makary (Meletich) shared the difficulties of creating a “United Ukrainian Church” in an interview on the Ukrainian TV Espresso channel.

Ukrainian media are actively promoting Poroshenko and his American curators’ new nationalist project, namely the “National Autocephalous Orthodox Church”. But, like all artificial, this golem is not adapted to life. Meletich’s interview vividly illustrates this fact.

He speaks openly about the differences between the UAOC (Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church) and the UOC-KP (Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate), because of which the creation of a “united church” is not so simple of an event. From Meletich’s frank admission it follows that the scenario of creating the “United Orthodox Church” in Ukraine is written on the fly by the US State Department.

Besides the conflict with Denisenko (head of the UOC-KP), Meletich mentions his conflict with Poroshenko, who, according to the metropolitan-dissenter, had deceived him twice. The last blow from Poroshenko came out especially sensitive: the Patriarchate of Constantinople was given St. Andrew’s Church in Kiev, which the UAOC has been renting the from the state for many years and which it uses as its cathedral.

At the same time, in an interview, Meletich is bargaining with Poroshenko, hinting that Fener can play out another scenario in which the President of Ukraine and Denisenko will be out of the game.

From the interview it follows that the schismatics are completely unable to agree among themselves, even with the support of Fener. The issues of power, status, and property are already tearing apart their fragile coalition. Poroshenko is trying to unite all these schismatic churches on the basis of a national idea, but here’s a paradox: on the basis of a national idea, one can only go into schism. This is how the UAOC arose after the February 1917 revolution. This is how the UOC-KP emerged in 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. But it is impossible to overcome the split on the basis of nationalism.

Alexander Malkov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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