#Commentary of Alexander Malkov on statement of Holy Synod of Russian Orthodox Church

The Ukrainian mass media reported that two exarchs of Constantinople Patriarchate – Archbishop Daniel of Pamphylia (USA) and Bishop Hilarion of Edmonton (Canada) were appointed to Kiev. This is another step towards the establishment of the Autocephalous Orthodox Church in Ukraine, under the guise of which Poroshenko is planning to unite all the schismatic churches of the country.

What does this mean? This is tantamount to the appointment of the ministers of Ukraine, for instance, by London or Brussels, not as Ukrainian ministers, but as British “ministers that govern a colony”. Besides, this has already happened several times over the past four years. However, it is a grave violation of the borders of foreign territory in a church sphere, which is a more blatant step of Fener. In fact, this is an assault on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate.

How does it affect the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the Moscow Patriarchate? First of all, it is the division of believers, seizure of property and legalized persecution.

How does it affect Ukraine? This can be a factor that will eventually exasperate and divide society from within. It is not just about social tension, it is about the possibility of armed confrontation between Orthodox Christians of different jurisdictions.

Much more could be said about the reasons why the Patriarchate of Constantinople to take such a step. For example, its financial dependence on the West. Or about the peculiarities of the political style of Fener, which has developed for centuries and was described by Nestor the Chronicler in “Primary Chronicle” as “”Greece evil is the essence to this day”. But another thing is important: we see a consistent destabilization of civil society in Ukraine through the intervention of politicians in the affairs of believers, in the affairs of the Church.

The separation of a state from a church, the principle of non-interference of secular authorities in the affairs of believers of different denominations was a great achievement in the development of civil society in the world legal practice. And all these achievements are being trampled upon now. Ukraine is going back to in the XVI century, the century of religious wars in Europe.

Alexander Malkov, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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