#Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on experiments on Ukrainian children

The “information and media literacy course” will be introduced in Ukrainian schools. First, it is going to be tested in four cities: Ternopol, Chernigov, Dnepropetrovsk and Mariupol. The project will be implemented with the support of the Great Britain and the USA. This was stated by the British ambassador to Ukraine Judith Gough.

Let us try to figure out an “event – information – end consumer” chain at the most primitive level. It is practically impossible to make sure of anything, except for eyewitnesses of the event itself. If there is news about, let us say, a fire, then a reader does not have to go to a scene personally, and therefore, media, many of which will describe the event in a beneficial manner for itself, are the source of information for the majority. Then, there will be further rewrites made by various editions which will add a ‘necessary’ colour tint to the event.

Naturally, as part of the ostensibly information literacy of schoolchildren, sponsors of such projects will have to set several sources of information up as examples that need to be trusted. Thus, exclusively controlled media will be presented to readers, spectators, listeners and the accuracy of information of which should not cause any doubts. Taking into account the list of the project’s sponsors, it is easy to guess that this list will include such media as BBC, CNN and the like, which even President Trump often calls “fake-news”. And there is something to call them like that for!

But it so happens that we need to build on today’s realities and the world community should take into account the increase in the use of double standards, hypocrisy and blatant falsehood. And the West has really succeeded in applying the listed mechanisms in Ukraine, so the tests on the Ukrainian landfill continue.

Lie and hypocrisy is condemned in the most ordinary Ukrainian family from childhood. This practice of child’s upbringing has been formed long time ago. “To tell nothing but truth”, these are the words that parents constantly tell their children. And what is the truth, if you consider it from the perspective of newly project for schoolchildren? In this case, the truth is what patrons said or wrote in their media. And all the rest is enemy propaganda or taboo themes. That is, even if you personally witnessed something, do not believe your eyes, but believe, according to workbooks, in ‘the right media’.

The second stage of substitution of concepts and principles will be the following: lie can be told and sometimes it is necessary. Since childhood. The lie will cease to be wrongful in a family, which is the basic unit of society. Is it possible to build a society, which will lie all the time and will not believe itself? The Ukrainian experiment has been launched…

In my opinion, the elevation of lies to a level of normal and natural mechanisms of communication is disastrous for society. And not only in terms of morality. The lack of working communication between people will destroy the interaction both at the domestic and geopolitical levels. Sort of a “Stone Age”, every man for himself. But it is the 21st century, and many things have become so habitual for people that without them it is not just extremely difficult to live and, in some way, there is no sense to. For example, you are used to running water and it is gone – there are no arrangements, you have been scammed, go and find it yourself now. And then you will be told that it is not necessary to condemn it, it is all right!

Who would have wished to live in such a reality? In the meantime, our compatriots from Mariupol read articles about the beautiful Western values, which are brought into lives of ordinary citizens, their children, with the support of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, are told about what the truth and lies are, while there has been no hot water for a long time.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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