#Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on fare increase in Kiev

As of July 15 2017, pursuant to Decree “On establishment of fares and cost of travel tickets in municipal passenger transport” published on the Kiev Public Administration website, the cost of fare will be increased in the capital of Ukraine.

What is happening today in Ukraine is a legitimate process. What positive changes can be expected in a country that is plunged into turmoil and chaos? Since the coup d’état in Ukraine, there has been a decline in all aspects of life. Electricity tariffs have been increased six times since 2013. While National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities has once again approved a new water pricing for “Water of Donbass” public utility consumers (which is located on the territory temporarily controlled by Ukraine) – the cost of drinking water will be increased by 2,1 times and technical one by 5,5 times.

Inflation continues to increase, prices for food, non-food products and health services rise regularly. Therefore, the question of fare increase in the light of the catastrophic situation and loss of the industry as a whole is regularly raised by the Kiev authorities. In response to the outrage of their citizens about the impending increase, officials say that this forced measure is caused by the need to cover the cost of electricity, spare parts, repairs and wages for the transport industry. There is no mention of improving the service, but it is a different story.

The Ukrainian government has long been unconcerned about the people’s views as well as their standard of living, which drops down every day.

Personally, I have just one question: when do Ukrainians finally realize that Poroshenko and his team have the only one goal – to strangle their citizens with pension reforms, taxes and tariffs, to squeeze the last one out of the country and kill its economy? But given the speed of the usurpation of power and the establishment of a complete dictatorship, this understanding can come after a point of no return when it is futile to change things…

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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