#Commentary of Alla Barkhatnova on how Ukraine outstripped Trinidad and Tobago, but lost to Uganda

Experts of the World Economic Forum (WEF) recently announced a rating of the impact of organized crime on business. Ukraine occupies the 113th place right after Uganda, but before Trinidad and Tobago, that is, surrounded by Latin American and African countries, former colonies. However, Ukraine chose the fate of the European colony itself.

The leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine immediately reacted to the published rating. The reaction is natural, in the style of “it’s not me, and over there what you see is not my mare.” The WEF was accused of using obsolete data and subjective assessments of business representatives. This was stated by the adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Varchenko.

His message contradicts the current criminal news from Ukraine, among which – the arrest of 60 criminal authorities near Kiev. Local news is also alarming. Thus, in Mariupol, the trial of the ex-commander of the Donbass battalion (an organization banned in the DЗR – ed.) Anatoly Vinogrodsky and one of his rank-and-file fighters is held. And these are only two loud examples that got into the media. The real situation is much worse.

There is a huge number of weapons in the hands of the Ukrainian population. Naturally, the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs understands this and even tries to do at least something. In the two weeks of November, “about 28 pieces of rifled rifles, more than 21,000 munitions, four hundred of which are grenades, and about three kilograms of explosives were seized from illegal circulation,” said the employee of the Criminal Investigation Department of the State Investigation Department in the Donetsk region. In total, in Ukraine in the first nine months of 2017, 2,2 thousand firearms were seized. Moreover, for the indicated period, in Ukraine there have been registered 39% more facts of illegal arms trafficking than for the entire 2016.

And this is only official information. One can only guess real numbers. It’s a lot or a little – ordinary people are the ones to judge, however, as Varchenko says, “if someone is afraid to go out on the street in the evening, it’s only a subjective feeling.”

Against this background, Avakov’s intention to introduce the experience of New York in crime reduction with the help of the “theory of broken windows” in Kiev looks like a mockery. But Avakov himself interprets the essence of the project in his own way: they plan to detain even the smallest offenders, for example, for a piece of paper thrown out not into a bin. With such a fixation, you can increase the detection rate, but it’s a big question if this will reduce the fears of ordinary Ukrainians and increase their level of safety.

Alla Barkhatnova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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