#Commentary of Denis Pushilin on counteraction to humanitarian programme of reunification of people of Donbass by Kiev regime

The humanitarian programme for the reunification of the people of Donbass, which has been in force for over half a year, is a major project designed to support our compatriots, who live on the other side of the line of contact and to prevent the severance of centuries-old cultural and historical ties between people.

Interest in the programme is growing exponentially and more than 12,000 people receive assistance in various areas of the programme. At the moment, the inhabitants of Donbass, who live in temporarily controlled by Ukraine territory, genuinely need support and assistance, but the Ukrainian authorities do not think that it necessary to consider the needs of their citizens. We are all well aware of the situation of the inhabitants, who reside on the other side of the line of contact. They are subjected to harassment, persecution, violation of their constitutional rights (this is the right to freedom of expression and thought, freedom to express their opinions and beliefs, the right to free education and health services). Literally, our compatriots are being worn down.

However, the Ukrainian authorities do not stop at that. Instead of helping the people of Donbass together, Kiev makes every effort to oppose the humanitarian programme in order to push away a helping hand that the people of the DPR extend to their fellow citizens.

Ukraine does not disdain of using any methods and every possible means is being made to prevent its citizens from benefiting from the assistance offered by the Republics: this is systemic intimidation of the population and administrative pressure. For example, there are facts that the cost of the Ukrainian notaries’ attorney letters on receipt of payments have increased by 9 times, dismissal of a triathlon coach for taking part in sporting events in the territory of the DPR, interrogation by the representatives of the SSU of a teacher, who sent an application for participation in a harmless contest, in the school in front of children, and the regular defamation of the humanitarian programme through the Ukrainian media.

However, some representatives of the Ukrainian political elite openly acknowledge that the humanitarian programme function effectively, its popularity is growing and more and more inhabitants of Donetsk and Lugansk regions ask the Republic for assistance under this project. These statements, however, are not followed by a desire to constructively discuss the ways to improve the humanitarian situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions, but the next round of pressure and intimidation of the long-suffering people of Donbass.

We consider this state of affairs categorically unacceptable and call upon Ukraine to stop worsening of its inhabitants’ lives. At a time when the population that lives in the territory controlled by Kiev do not receive proper support from their authorities, the opposition of Kiev to those who want to help the people of Donbass to maintain a proper standard of living and to prevent separation in conditions of ongoing military action is not only a violation of human rights, but also a blatant manifestation of cruelty and indifference to the fate of its own citizens.

Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, the permanent plenipotentiary representative of the DPR in the Contact group at negotiations in Minsk

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