#Commentary of Denis Pushilin on need for Contact Group to adopt document that would allow in practice to observe truce

Considering the dynamics of violations of the announced ceasefire regime, the Republics’ representatives in the working group on security issues intend to raise again at tomorrow’s (July 11, 2018 – ed.) meeting in Minsk the issue of acceptance by the parties to the conflict of the document with an updated list of additional measures to control the ceasefire.

I would like to recall that the draft of this document was the result of the long and painstaking work of the OSCE SMM and was sent out to the parties back in May of this year.

The document included the following measures:

  • overall commitment to implement all previously agreed ceasefire measures provided in the Minsk Agreements, including the cessation of hostilities and the withdrawal of heavy weapons;

  • publication and make aware at all levels of ceasefire orders, including informing the general public;

  • a ban on any offensive and reconnaissance and sniper shooting;

  • a ban on shelling and fire, including a reprisal, especially in the direction of and from settlements;

  • a ban on the deployment of heavy weapons in populated areas, as well as targeted bombardment of civilian facilities, including schools, kindergartens, and hospitals;

  • taking appropriate measures to address violations of the ceasefire, effective enforcement of strict disciplinary measures against violators;

  • nonthreatening access for the OSCE SMM.

Unfortunately, until this moment, the Ukrainian party managed to put the process of discussion of this document aside.

We have zero illusions regarding the position of Ukraine in the settlement of the conflict in the Donbass and the methods that the Ukrainian government is ready to use for this. Despite this, the Republic will continue to insist on the need to adopt a document that would allow in practice to restrain the fire and react promptly to violations.

Denis Pushilin, Chairman of the DPR People’s Council, plenipotentiary representative of the DPR to the negotiations of the Contact Group in Minsk

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