#Commentary of Denis Pushilin on targeting of field ambulance near Dokuchayevsk

Cynical and absolutely unscrupulous actions of the Ukrainian side on February 22 led to the death of three people.

The day before the DPR Representation in the JCCC, through the OSCE SMM, agreed upon a ‘silence regime’ for the removal of a wounded soldier who was injured in the shelling of our positions near Dokuchayevsk settlement. As you know, this kind of practice is widely used in the world community and is in line with the Geneva Convention, which provides for humane treatment of the wounded.

The evacuation team took the wounded man, and the UAZ ambulance car was moving towards the hospital, when the Ukrainian military shot a car with a red cross that was easily discernible to even the common man from an anti-tank guided missile and a 120-mm mortar. Unfortunately, the combat medic, the driver and the wounded soldier died on the spot.

We have collected all the necessary materials, and we intend to raise the discussion of this incident at the upcoming meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk.

We hope that the OSCE SMM and the guarantor countries will not ignore the criminal actions of the Ukrainian side and those guilty of committing a war crime will be deservedly punished.

Denis Pushilin, the Chairman of the DPR People’s Council,

the Permanent Representative of the DPR to the negotiations of the Contact Group in Minsk

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