#Commentary of Denis Pushilin on Ukrainian bill on ‘reintegration’ of Donbass

The intention of the Ukrainian authorities to abandon the so-called ‘ATO’ in the Donbass and instead to take a number of measures for its “reintegration” is unlikely to lead to peace.

Ukraine is already a signer of agreements aimed at a peaceful settlement of the conflict. However, within three years, none of the paragraphs of this agreement was fulfilled. Moreover, they did not even fulfill the first paragraph of the Package of Measures – they did not stop shooting.

In this connection, new initiatives of Ukrainian politicians are also not credible and, rather, partake of populism. If the Ukrainian side wants to abolish the ‘ATO’ so much and continue “political and diplomatic efforts”, as Pyotr Poroshenko put it, they ( the authorities of Ukraine – ed.) can and must do this within the Package of Measures framework. The Donbass will not accept any other variations.

Denis Pushilin, the DPR People’s Council Chairman, Permanent Representative of the DPR to the peace talks in Minsk

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