#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on continuation of financial flows’ redistribution in Ukraine

A Ukrainian enterprise PJSC “Motor Sich”, which is one of the world’s largest engine manufacturers for aviation equipment, is once again under pressure of the SSU.

Earlier, a court arrested controlling interest of the PJSC “Motor Sich” in September 2017 due to the fact that this strategically important enterprise had come under the control of Chinese companies. The law enforcement agency is accusing the enterprise’s administration of subversive activity this time, in particular, “of preparation for actions aimed at the weakening of the state through the destruction of strategic enterprise, the PJSC “Motor Sich”. The SSU allegedly has proofs that the owners are planning “to relocate Ukrainian production and pass on technology”.

The process of placing business under control is similar in Ukraine, but it has its peculiarities depending on the extent. Neo-Nazi groups easily deal with illegal takeover of small business. They also can assist local authorities and tax men in illegal seizure of mid-sized business. Law enforcement agencies, security services and officials close to Poroshenko deal with large business.

However, double standards are applied in such work unreservedly, which means that western curators have established their own business model that works under “friend of foe” principle. For instance, the Ukrainian leadership provided good PR to US investments as one of the most important achievements, when Americans had invested $150 billion in aforementioned aircraft-building industry acquiring the right (the same as an access to technological process) to produce, modernize and sell the aircraft of the Kharkov aircraft manufacturing plant, which was a part of state concern “Ukroboronprom”. But, apparently, there is something wrong with Chinese money. There is no need to mention Russian money, because the sale of Ukraine has started a long ago, but under one indispensable condition (at the official level!): not for Russians.

Having analyzed this, you can highlight some facts and compare them with historical examples. First of all, the Ukrainian authorities are not bothered by the fact of losing sovereignty and control over strategically important facility. The only function of Kiev in such matters is to cede control into the “right hands”. Second of all, Kiev is confident of its impunity concerning violation of one of the basic Western postulate, which is the right to private ownership.

Americans and those, who like benefit, are entirely satisfied with such colonial model of a project called “Ukraine”, but it is clear that this is a model of dead non-sovereign state, which is doomed to disappear. Against this background, the question asks itself: when will Ukrainian homegrown nationalists of all stripes with slogans and messages initiate lawless actions, but against their providers?

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

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