#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on criminal situation in Ukraine

Two cases of shooting in one day in Kiev, policemen got busted for systemic bribery in Lvov and a child and his grandmother were injured in Kharkov as a result of the detonation of an explosive device on a street. This is a brief overview of the incidents happened in Ukraine in one day, January 29, 2018. Against the backdrop of this news, the Chief of the National Police Knyazev declares the fall of crime rate and unprecedented success in fighting it.

The Prosecutor General Lutsenko, who claims that “the number of crimes has decreased sharply in Ukraine, as well as crime detection rate has increased” ever since he assumed office, remains on the track with Knyazev. Moreover, according to his data, the number of murders is reduced by 10-15% annually from the beginning of the ‘ATO’ in Ukraine. The reason for that is paradoxical – criminals are afraid to stumble upon resistance because of the large number of weapons.

There is news next to the statement of Lutsenko in a news feed that the members of criminal group, the former participants of the ‘ATO’, will be judged in Chernovtsy. And if you scroll the news feed a little lower, it turns out that they have weapons not to protect themselves, but to protect consignment of drugs.

However, there is no unity in the assessments of the influence of the ‘ATO’ on the criminal situation inside the Ukrainian politicum. For example, the VR Committee on Public Health holds conferences on psychiatric assistance to the ‘ATO’ veterans, who, according to doctors, are prone to suicide, violence and crime.

To back this up, we will present statistics for 2015 – 2017. So, there were 565.18 thousand criminal offences recorded in 2015. This figure was 592.61 thousand in 2016 and 490.28 thousand for 11 months of 2017. However, if we compare the number of cases in relation to illicit trafficking in arms, bribery or appropriation of property using official status, we can see a rise in these figures.

Some experts explain the current statistics as substitution. Thus, according to the Deputy Prosecutor-General Alexey Baganets, “the police and the Prosecutor’s Office, in order to show any positive movement, may not register messages in a single register of pre-trial investigations or register under other types of offences to reduce the number of serious offences”. For example, murders can be classified as suicides.

A former official notes that if the figures cited by Avakov were real, first of all, high-profile murder cases would be solved. As a result, even such a high-profile case as the recent murder of Nozdrovskaya is likely to remain unsolved or someone else will be held responsible for this crime by a trumped-up accusation.

Besides that, the murders on “Maidan” are still not solved and responsible for in the tragedy in Odessa on May 2, 2014 were never found. These cases are under scrutiny of the international community, but only under scrutiny, without any consequences. The UN periodically recalls unsatisfactory action to investigate high-profile cases in its reports on the situation of human rights in Ukraine.

No matter how many police officers and officials say that everything is fine in Ukraine, that (if the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine submit truthful statistics) almost fifteen hundred crimes a day is okay, you cannot agree with this.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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