#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on dirty methods of SBU work

According to information regularly disseminated by the Ukrainian Security Service, Ukraine’s security is threatened by pensioners and women allegedly recruited by Russian special services. Special attention should be paid to the case of the kidnapping of a Ukrainian citizen Darya Mastikasheva and subsequent violence against her.

On August 17, at a special briefing for journalists, the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasily Gritsak said that Mastikasheva was detained on suspicion of state treason (work for Russian special services) and illegal handling of weapons. Also at the briefing, a video recording of a woman’s confession in ‘ATO’ veterans’ recruitment for special missions was demonstrated. The face was not shown, which does not exclude the version with the preliminary beating of the detainee.

This topic was raised at a meeting of the Contact Group in Minsk on September 20. The human rights organization Human Rights Watch got acquainted with the situation and recognized that in the territory under Ukraine’s control, “citizens are not only limited in granting basic human rights, but they can be freely subjected to any charges.”

It is worth adding that there are plenty of such cases with the kidnapping of people and the subsequent abuse. Nevertheless, the Western community does not pay attention to it, or does nothing about it. Of course, we will continue to work to identify and publicize information about the illegal actions of the Ukrainian special services, as ultimately the perpetrators should be punished deservedly.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council

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