#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on growing wave of strikes in Ukraine

The unstable economic situation in Ukraine led to a series of strikes across the country in various sectors. Almost one after another news about the hunger strike of Selidovo miners, the strike of Volyn miners, the stopping of the educational process at the National Medical University named after A. Bogomolets, the strike of the power engineers of Zaporozhye and Berdyansk began to appear.

This speaks of two things. First, about the deplorable situation in the Ukrainian economy. Secondly, the growth of protest moods – people have a margin of safety. In Selidovo, Volhynia, Zaporozhye, the situation is the same – salaries of both miners and power engineers have been delayed for months.

Ukrainian media reported that, for example, in Berdyansk, employees of regional power grids do not receive salaries since September 2017. Given the cost of electricity for the population and the constant increase in tariffs, the lack of money at least for employees’ wages looks strange.

In turn, protests of miners in Selidovo took a protracted character. People used different forms of protest, including hunger strikes.

Another situation is in one of the most famous universities of the country. The reason for the strike the protesters call the intervention of the Health Ministry’ leadership into the internal management of the Kiev Medical University. Among the charges put forward against the Ministry of Health, there are the compulsion to squander budget funds and the violation of tender procedures.

However, despite the difference in these protests, they have one bright unifying moment – unprecedented plundering of enterprises’ workers and constant violation of legislation by management. Simple people are not protected from arbitrary lawlessness and have practically no legal levers to change the situation. And this, in turn, creates conditions for further growth of discontent and social tension. Ukrainian authorities are destroying the country, blowing it from within.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

Official website of the DPR People’s Council 

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