#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on lawlessness in Ukraine or how “patriots” go to court

Once again, the official authority in Ukraine did not interfere and did not prevent unlawful acts committed by the participants of Neo-Nazi groups against the representatives of legal community. Thus, the radicals from “C14”* carried out an attack on a Ukrainian lawyer Oleg Povalyayev in the Appeal Court in Kiev on August 7.

Probably, Westerners would be shocked by such an event, if this happened in their country, especially since it took place at the courthouse in front of police, but such cases have become a norm in Ukraine. Inaction by law enforcement agencies only encourages the radicals to commit new crimes. Unpunished “patriots” has already moved from hooliganism, robbery and pogrom to murders, as was the case during an attack on Roma camps in Lvov or an incident that took place in Odessa, involving a Neo-Nazi Sternenko.

The policy of the Ukrainian authorities is that officials are ready to use the dirtiest methods in order to eliminate all political undesirables and those who prevent them to commit various crimes. Especially, ruling elite needs to subjugate people (not to make them obey the law), who understand legislation, that is, lawyers. Some might find it unreal that, God forbid, a murder of a lawyer or a judge by the “C14” representatives may take place during a court and official photo session in the presence of guards. And then, the talking heads of the Poroshenko’s regime will tell through the Ukrainian media that this was “self-defence” and a victim had a Russian-made grenade in a pocket and, in fact, the victim upvoted a wrong post in a social network.

Poroshenko and the Ukrainian mass media often like to demonstrate a letter V, which means a visa-free regime, in stories about their achievements. But adequate people, both in Ukraine and abroad, associate a letter V and “Ukraine” with a different notion. With lawlessness.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

*”C14” (Sich) is an organization, which is prohibited in the DPR.

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