#Commentary of Ekaterina Martyanova on military rhetoric of Ukrainian authorities

Those in power in Ukraine do not hide their intentions towards the forcible occupation of Donbass. The founder of the National Guard of Ukraine “Azov” (an organization banned in the DPR – Ed.), the Verkhovna Rada deputy Andrey Biletsky stated that airstrikes would be needed to occupy Donbass.

Our armed forces, when they were militia, did not let the plans of the neo-Nazi regime to seize Donbass come true. The Army of the Republic has now been strengthened and, judging by the publications of the Western media, is one of the strongest in Europe. Earlier, in 2014, Ukraine actively used aircraft in order to destroy Donbass, but, having quickly wasted its combat capabilities, it gave up carrying out air strikes.

Kiev thought that it still could profit from the war without using their airpower. In addition, the heaviest punishment for theft and corruption, as evidenced by practice, could be a house arrest, which would eventually be lifted, as had happened to the Deputy Minister of Defence of Ukraine Igor Pavlovsky, who had been accused of embezzlement of 149 million hryvnias from the budget.

The reaction of the western community to such statements by Ukrainian officials leaves much to be desired. The West ignores direct threats of a military nature addressed to us, while it is extremely concerned about the alleged violation of the rights of natural and legal persons.

Of course, the smoke screen of lies, which is being raised around the Republic, will clear away.

Some Western media, in order to maintain its authority in the eyes of their colleagues, should stop indulging the Ukrainian pseudo journalists. It is just silly: the “Azov” Regiment Commander, being armed to the teeth and at the demarcation line, urges to carry out airstrikes, but does not give orders to his subordinates to shell the territory of Donbass in order to comply with the Minsk Agreements.

Ekaterina Martyanova, the DPR People’s Council deputy

The official website of the DPR People’s Council

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